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#Journal Writing Matters

Welcome to my website for Journal Writers.

Whether you're teaching children to write, using a journal for your business or recording the events of your life, I hope you'll find the right products and support for your journey.

My Mission -

              is to teach and support Journal Writing for Solopreneurs.  I've added product for children and personal journalists by request.  If you have an item or focus you'd like help with please contact me.  Together we can make your dream come true.

My Vision -

             is to provide Journals and accessories for Journal Writing.  Whether it's digital products or hardcover books, I'll keep adding to the products available.  

             Beginning in March 2021 you'll be able to acquire handmade journals with hand-made paper.  These make wonderful gifts for the Journalist in your life - or treat yourself.  

My Brand Promise - 

             is to provide quality merchandise, with a fair return policy and no hastle customer service.  

Jana Hassett

An Innovative Problem Solver and Content Strategist that just happens to be in the business of Journal Writing!

Jana Hassett

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