Journal Writing Matters – 

#Journal Writing Matters

– – – because it gives us a window into our lives.

Beginning when we first learned to write, putting our thoughts on paper is the best way to define our values, clarify our priorities, and be clear about the relationships we want in our lives.

Having a business journal helps you track your business, record your dreams for your business, and take note of your successes.

#Journal Writing Matters

All forms of journal writing can make a significant difference by providing us an opportunity to vent. And for business owners and leaders, it’s a wonderful way to privately release our frustration, relive situations and their outcomes without further harm, and refocus on our mission, vision, and goals.

If you don’t have a mission and vision statement and written goals, we’re here to help. Write a comment and we’ll send you a link with help.

Learn to journal every day.

If you’re ready to start your journal, find a journal and a writing utensil that inspires you. Studies have shown that it’s more effective to use a pen and paper then to journal on a computer. But if the latter is your preferred option, that’s okay too. It’s just easier to tap into your subconscious mind when physically writing in a journal.

If you’re not sure what to start writing about try this exercise:

Journaling solves a problem. It allows business owners to reflect on their current situation and explore viable solutions. Use your Journal to write about your possible solution. Then list the pros and cons of each solution.

Be honest. Write what the benefits could be and the consequences from that choice. Owning and operating a business is all about choice – size, brand, name, location, solutions, etc.

Write about those choices every day. If you still need prompts and content ideas, visit the prompts page for story starters. Our prompts are focused on business and work/life balance. We recommend Journal Buddies if you’re looking for home schooling purposes.

The posts, prompts, and ideas here are written to assist small business owners in running a successful business and helping writers of all ages create a work/life balance.