November 22, 2020



       Nurture the friendships you have, good friends don’t come along every day.

It's so hard to connect with friends during the pandemic, but it's important to reach out and find a way to visit with them.  It's especially important if they are holiday orphans, those who have no family nearby.  We cannot walk in their shoes, but we can help keep their feet warm. 


May years ago I focused on having "enough".  What is it?  How do each of us define it?  Can you write it down and track it?  You should.

Having enough is the pathway to gratitude.  Having enough is another way to bring peace and prosperity to your life.  Knowing what your "enough" is - that is the key to your gratitude journal.  Don't have one?  You'll find one at the bottom on of the page.


The images are from Stone Circle Coaching.  You can visit their website here.

If you’d like to see more visit the stonecirclecoaching website.

I’m grateful for all the wonderful people in my life and have created a Gratitude Journal.  It’s free, as my way of “Passing It On” because of the wonderful people in my life over the years.  Download your printable copy here.  May your life have "Enough".

What are you grateful for?  Tell me about it in the comments below.

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