October 12, 2021

100 MPH

Goals With A 100 MPH Life

When the Pandemic started most of us were traveling through our daily lives at 100 Mph. Then the roadblocks started popping up and we went from 100 – 1 mph. This disruption in our lives created fear, panic, and anger. Journal writing became popular as an avenue to express those feelings. Coaching became the most popular “work from home” new business and Journals were the most requested item on people’s lists.

As people started wearing masks and getting vaccinated, the speed of life started to rise. From 1 mph to 50 mph, and everywhere I went I heard the comments of how hard it is to ramp the speeds back to 100 mph. Clients wanted time and help to resolve the demands on their time. Kids wanted to go back to their insane schedule of school, homework, soccer, other volunteer efforts, etc. but Mom didn’t want to be the driver. Associates wanted time for a meeting, a social event, a new project idea, and the list goes on.

Now is the time to learn how to manage your time.

The best way is to have goals. Determine what you want to do in your life, including home, children, and partner. Once you have those plans down on paper (in your Journal I hope) you can then look at each request.

How to respond to requests?

Have the conversation, thank them for their request and tell them you’ll have to check your calendar and get back to them. What you are really going to do is check your goals. If the project, program, meeting, speech, social event, volunteer opportunity does not fit within your goals. TURN IT DOWN, with gratitude that they thought of you. Spending time on projects, etc. that don’t fit your personal and professional goals is time wasted. You’ll come home angry you wasted your time and didn’t gain on what you want to accomplish.

There is no better time than now to improve on your daily life and schedule. If you haven’t ramped back up to 100 mph yet, take the time to journal your goals, and choose your obligations. Be sure to share your new process with your children and partner. Help them set goals and make healthy choices.

You don’t have to travel at 100 mph to get someplace first.

Until next time - - -

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