September 27, 2021

Jana's Journals


How journaling helps you overcome fear.

Fear is a human emotion brought on by disruption to an event, activity, or process in your daily life.

Journaling can help you identify your fears, why you are fearful and how to work on overcoming them.

That takes some effort and honesty. Start with your journal –

  • Write down all your fears (remember these are for your eyes only).
  • When you think you have most down, write another list of what might happen to you or your lifestyle.  This list should include all the things stopping you from acting and making changes to your life
  • Now consider what action you would take to prevent these things from happening or at least minimize their impact.
  • Now prioritize your fears with the worst at #1 and so on.
  • Put a star in front of the number for those events you have some control over.
  • Cross out the rest, those you have no control over.  They will bring change and you’ll have to respond when they arrive.
  • The starred items need your attention.  Write down all the benefits for you if you address that fear and succeed in controlling it.
  • List those outcomes.
  • Are the benefits greater than the fears?  If not, why not?
  • What would the cost be if no action was taken?
  • What will your life look like in 6 to 12 months if nothing changes?
  • If you don’t change and the world does, what then?
Jana's Journals

Fear can hold people back from achieving their dreams.  Your journal is your own personal tool to help you record your thoughts, ideas, dreams, and fears.

Use it to overcome your fears.  We all have them.  Your success depends on how you control them.

If I can help- please reach out.

Until next time - - -

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