September 14, 2021


Writing prompts

Lots of us remember how hard being a writer was in school and for many, still is. We were judged by our vocabulary, our grammar, and our abiity to storytell.

Writing prompts are the exact opposite.  They are offered merely as a prompt to kick-off your thinking, to get you to sit down and write at least once a week.  No one need see or read your writings and what you write about is no ones concern but yours. 

Your vocabulary will grow as you seek new words to tell your story in a new way. If you struggle with spelling, that too will improve over time.    Your grammar will improve when you read your writing out loud. And because your writing improves, you will write more.  There's no teacher to grade your story.  It's there for your own enjoyment.

Goals -

Set yourself a goal - write a minimum one-sentence response to every prompt for the next 16 weeks.  Write more if you wish, but write.  That's four months of writing once a week or more.  That should get you in the habit of writing at least once a week.  And daily writing will increase your success with your new habit - it only takes 30 days of regular effort to create a new habit.

Eventually, you'll want to share your writing.  When you get ready, let's chat about where you should post and your subjects.  You'll find two prompts - one for adults and one for school students - sit down with your student and create a time you write.  Weekly or daily, sharing your new habit will create new bonds.

Remember, no matter how "busy" you are, set a time and place every week to write your sentence.  There's no right or wrong way to write.  Just do it!

Journal Writing Matters

Until next time - - -

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