September 7, 2021


Values -

I Want to Be known as ________________________________.

I want to be known for ________________________________.

For me – I want to be known as an innovative problem solver.  Someone who looks for solutions for the benefit of many.

Someone people seek for long-term content strategy help.  As a coach for the Women’s Business Center of Utah, I’ve been able to guide a number of men and women to seek their own solutions through Journal Writing.  Teaching business owners to manage their businesses through their journals is fun and rewarding when they tell me they decided they’d read their journal from last year to see how they managed a situation, to realize they know a way to solve a problem.

For me – I want to be known for “passing it on”.

For sharing my knowledge and experience to help others the way others helped me.  To give new business owners and managers the desire to use their journals to manage, grow and prosper though their journals.

Writing in your journal is not only therapeutic but educational.

You will become more aware of yourself and your business by journal writing.  So much of life we move from day to day, not thinking about our values, yet we should have them “top of mind”.

Business values have become “top of mind” for many consumers.  Especially if the business isn’t solving their problem.

Do You Know Your Top 5 Values?

If you have a business, what are your business values? 

Do your business and personal values differ or overlap?

Spend some time writing, thinking, and writing more about your values.  Bring them “top of mind”.

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