August 10, 2021

Life Plan

Journal Your Life Plan

Having a life plan allows you to live your life the way you choose, to make your life decisions based on your priorities and have a clear path before you.

A life plan should, and will, change as your life changes, but you need to write one first.

This 6-step to writing your life plan is designed to be written in your journal, paper or digital, in order to alter each section as your life changes.  The steps are:

  • Write about your vision
  • Write down your values
  • Create a SWOT analysis
  • Establish Goals
  • Write an outline of your action plan
  • Prioritize your goals and your plan.

And when you get that done – write a summary of your plan for you to carry in your wallet.  Seriously?  Yes!  Have it available to review, I’ll tell you why at the end.

Section 1 – Write about your vision

Clearly define what success means to you.  Be honest.  It’s your dream and your journal. Spell out what you want to do or sell (or both) that serves your passion.

Section 2 – Write down your values.

What’s important in your life?  The person you want to be lives by these values.  These are core values.  Consider these possible areas :

  • Autonomy
  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Growth
  • Service
  • Accountability
  • Balance
  • Dependability
  • Humility

And many more.  What do you want to be known for?

Section 3 - Create a SWOT analysis

Write a list for each segment that pertains to your vision.

S = Strengths

W = Weaknesses

O = Opportunities

T = Threats

Review your life from different perpectibe – your roles, yor atisfactns  Consider different areas of your life – career, finances, community, health.

Section 4 – Establish Goals

Two rules for goals – they need to be SMART and in writing (of course use your journal).

SMART goals are:

S – Specific

M – Measurable

A – Attainable

R – Relevant

T – Time-based

For each role and area of your life, consider the big goals you want to accomplish.

Section 5 – Write an Action Plan

Using your goals, outline steps for achievement.  Just a rough draft with bullets.  Don’t worry about priority yet.

Section 6 – Prioritize Your Goals and Your Plan

Using all the goals you listed, decide which have the highest priority.  What is most important to accomplish first, etc. Relist them in order of importance.

You now know which roles you wish to play in your life, the areas you want to improve and your strengths and weaknesses.  Reorder them according to importance.  Order your other areas and be sure to consider impacts on other areas and roles.

Complete your life plan by re-ordering your outline according to your priorities.  As you age, marry, unmarry, and look at job opportunities, revisit your life plan and make any decisions based on your current priorities. Your life plan will help you clearly decide what is right for you.


Have a plan and work the plan.  Your life plan will remove much of the fear of disruption that pandemics, and other major (and some minor) disasters cause to your world.  Follow the 6 steps outlined above and you’ll reduce much of the fear that threatens to disrupt your life.

When you finish and have your action plan outline, make a copy for your wallet, phone, or Daytimer.  When you’re asked to take on a project, attend an event, or other major time commitment look at your plan before you answer.  Tell people you’ll look at your schedule and see if you can do that. But don’t look at your schedule, look at your life plan.  Does it fit your goals and priorities?  If so, go for it!

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