August 6, 2022

I’m so excited.

 My Coil Journal Binder arrived, and I can now make Journals just for you.

Where We’ve Been!

As a small business, one of the most important aspects is to control expenses. And having my custom Journals bound at the local print shop makes them too expensive.

In addition, The quality does not meet our standards. Providing great Journals means excellent paper, quality coils and plastic covers that protect your writing. We can now deliver those at a great price. And we can produce small batches or just one.

Our First Project

My first project will be to unbind all the product I have, add clear plastic covers and rebind. I’ll cut the binding to fit (instead of leaving it sticking out the ends) and making sure you have a quality product.

These 18 Journals are for Rockhounds. I’ll photograph them and repost with current image and pricing. You can have it shipped via USPS for $4.00 or UPS for $7.50. If you live in Iron County, Utah and want to pick it up – you can do that too.

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Quality Journals

Our Journals are printed on Accent Opaque 100# White paper, with8mm Super Clear Binding Covers. Each are 8” x 5”, making them easy to store and carry. Their lay flat binding makes all 32 pages completely writable.

What’s Next!

I’ve been waiting months for my machine (supply chain). I have several journals ready to produce (be sure you’ve signed up for notices) and see all the new offerings as they are available.

Starting with my Business Journal, order yours today. Keeping a Journal of your business is critical. And having all your business information in one journal can save you hours of hunting for tax numbers, websites, passwords, and other vital information.

In the 35+ years we were in retailing, we kept our journal next to the cash register for daily notes, daily sales numbers, stopper counts and custom orders.

Now I have one on my desk next to my Mousepad (yes, I still use one). I make notes about client appointments, product reviews, special orders, and Journal ideas.

Best of all, it makes a nice gift for the Entrepreneur in your life. Printed and Bound Business Journals will be available Sept 1st, 2022. Sign up for notice and you’ll know if they’re ready sooner. You can still order the download version if you want to use it on your phone or print it yourself.

Visit the Sales Page for information and price.

Until next time -

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