September 16, 2022

Top 10

Top 10 Fast Food Chains in America

We can all profess to hate fast food, but the people that run the golden arches know better. They were the #1 fast food burger chain in America in 2021. Not through a popularity contest of their followers, by sales.

Here are the top 10 as reported by the National Restaurant Association.



2021 Sales

Growth Year over Year


Mc Donalds

$44.98 Billion

+ 13.8%



  11.2   Billion

+ 8.6%


Burger King

  10.03 Billion

+ 3.9%


Sonic Drive-In

    5.85 Billion

+ 3.0%


Jack In The Box

    3.97 Billion




    3.09 Billion




    1.95 Billion

+ 13.0%



    1.89 Billion

- 5.0%


Five Guys

    1.50 Billion

- 4.0%


Carl’s Jr.

    1.36 Billion


What makes them so successful?

  • They know their market
  • They cater to solving a problem for that market
  • They watch for ways to automate and improve, thus reducing expenses

Are You Successful?

Do you know your market?

Do you offer a product or service that solves a problem?

Do you watch for ways to lower expenses?

And most important, are you keeping a journal to track these and other details of your business?

The chains keep records on everything – sales, traffic, online vs instore, employee information, etc. Point of Sale equipment is programmed to track what sells, what time of day, who sold it, and more.

You should be recording that type of information for your small business.  If you have a retail outlet a $300 cash register will give you a lot of that data. Online sales systems should provide it as well.  And if you’re just doing local events and word of mouth, a journal will give you that data as well. No matter where it comes from, that data becomes your key in making choices on what to buy, sell, and produce to solve your customers problem.

So get started today. Pick up a cheap Composition Notebook at Walmart and start writing every day. Get help at Jana’s Journals.

Because Journal Writing Matters. 

What Matters To You?

Tell me in the comments!

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