July 3, 2021



Journal Writing With Emotions Series

In America, Happiness is defined by Personal Achievement.  Thus, we see athletes and movie stars with more influence than plumbers or electricians  It’s perceived that athletes and movies stars are wealthy and they experience greater happiness.

Wealth does not create happiness in our brain.  Finishing a repair or installing new and better equipment does. 

In turn, placing too high a value on happiness increases expectations for how things “should be” and thus, set us up for disappointment.

That was my experience last month when we attended the Rocky Mountain Federation of Gem and Mineralogical Societies Annual Convention in Big Piney, Wyoming.  We visited Big Piney in 2018 and knew of the amenities available, thus I made reservations for us to stay in Kemmerer, Wy. Many weeks I advance.  After spending 2020 at home, and rarely going out even for a bite to eat, we were ready for new places to explore and new people to interact with.

The Sublette County Gem Society was the host for the rock show and contracted for the great facilities and catering that was offered.  They did a marvelous job.  My expectation was for rubber chicken, and I was pleasantly surprised by tender Chicken Parmesan with baked potato, veggies, and dessert.  The other meals were just as nicely done, and buffet service was perfect for the venue and atmosphere. 

I had visions of attendees at the various meals and info with handouts for non-delegate members that attended.  That’s where my expectations met reality. I had expected hearing from the duly elected incoming President of the Federation present her goals and projects for the coming year.  I had expected to hear from a guest speaker over breakfast about tips and hints for writers at the Webmaster’s and Bulletin Writers Breakfast on the last day.

And my expectations were really shattered when we waited90 minutes for the American Lands Access Association meeting and presentation to begin to find out they had cancelled their appearance and meeting, and nothing had been posted on the door where it was to happen.  My expectations were not met.  I’m sure Covid-19 rules kept some things from happening but communicating the changes would have altered my expectations and sadness .

Expectation is a Gift, not a Burden.  When people expect something from you, it means you have given them reasons to believe in you.  In this case, it makes me leery of the next convention and serves as caution for the hosts of the 2022 convention in Las Vegas.  Think about what expectations you create when putting together your event.  Whether it is a sale, a podcase, a webinar or a meeting.  Be sure to deliver what you offered and mange expectations.

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