September 28, 2022

Indiginous Peoples Day

Indigenous Peoples Day

Once you’ve acquired the basic information on your local tribe, use it to educate your customers. It’s always surprising to me that so few of our customers and neighbors hardly know anything about our tribe or that there is one here in the heart of town.

Here’s some details you might want to gather about your tribe.


According to Wikipedia, the indigenous peoples of the Americas are the inhabitants of the Americas before the arrival of European settlers in the 15th century. That includes the ethnic groups who now identify themselves with these peoples.

Of the 574 federally recognized tribes living within the U.S. borders, about half are associated with a Reservation. Each federal recognized unit can be called a tribe nation, band, pueblo, community and/or native village.

Our Local Peoples –

Here in Cedar City, Utah, our federally recognized Tribe is chartered and known as the Cedar Bank of Paiutes and operates multiple subdivisions in varying industries through the Cedar Band Corporation.

These industries include telecommunications, a Mortgage Company, a Winery, and a Travel Plaza. 

The tribe was restored April 3, 1980 through the Congressional Bill known as the Paiute Indian Tribe of Utah Restoration Act. Their reservation lands are 2,000 acres within Iron County.

Events –

The tribal Pow Wow is held annually at the Outdoor Arbor on Tribal Lands. They call it their Restoration Gathering and is a traditional Pow Wow with Dancing and Drumming competitions, indigenous food and jewelry booths and all is open to the public.  Photos are not allow during their sacred ceremonies, but okay during the competitions.

Murals ---

There are several murals around town that honor the tribe. And, as with all restored tribes, their humble beginnings have developed not facilities they and local residents can be proud of.

Merchandise –

Some of the tribes have produced their own brands of various items. You can find Doog Food, Wines, Hats, and other items that have the tribal logo on them.

If you don’t have any merchandise from your tribe, make a small display with a map of their tribal lands, logo, etc.  Most of the images are available on their websites.

If you’re virtual, create a page on your website or link from your social media account to theirs.

Whatever you choose to do, be respectful and proud. Their people have been here a very long time and deserve our respect.

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