June 6, 2021


Storytelling Nature

We went for a ride this past week, up through the hills and around and down.  It was after the big holiday weekend and most everyone had headed home or were busy playing.

After spending this past year thinking about Storytelling, I realized I was looking at the environment with a different eye.  From the plants first getting a start to the wild coyote crossing the meadow, they all had a story to tell.  I could tell it, but it would be my story, not theirs.

Chessman Ridge

As we started across the ridge, we stopped at Chessman Ridge Overlook, we could see the valley where we live some 4,500 ft. below.  And a small trickle of water that eventually gets there.  Down through the red rock known as Cedar Breaks, but home to the Marmot that sat on the ridge top just below us at the Overlook.

Cedar Breaks Stream

We stopped at the Brian Head overlook and had a picnic dinner.  The Coyote crossed the meadow as we drove up to the 11,000 ft building built by the CCC crews in the 50’s.  I know those folks had stories to tell.  Their hardships are being experienced by many during this pandemic. So many more stories.

Brian Head CCC

The trip home brought us past large water streaked boulders.  Their white brown and black marks write a story of moisture and survival over many hundreds of years.  Oh, if the rock could only talk.  It does, just in a different language.  One the scientists can learn and interpret.  One we have to trust they will interpret correctly and honestly.

Zion View

For the rest of us, we’ll see their stories – enjoy their beauty, and write it, as it has become our story.

What stories do you/can you tell on your business journey?

What connections can you build?

What’s your goal in telling your story?

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