September 17, 2023


Week 38 – Walking

Your ability to walk is a great gift.

I have never been too excited about hiking. Loop routes aren’t bad, but I always felt I would just see the same thing n reverse. Until I couldn’t walk because of worn out knees. I vowed I would walk both ways.

I was amazed at how different the world looked from the opposite direction. Flowers that hardly grab your attention one-way loudly dance with a backlit sun.

The same is true with gift show and store displays. Walk around your booth and view it from all sides. Make sure it works. View it from close and across the aisle. And then do a walk-about from across the room. What stands out?

A short walk is a great way to meditate and empty your mind. Empty your mind now – walk-about on paper.

Writing Idea #1 –

I walk every day. Write about where you go, and what you see and hear. 

Writing Idea #2 –

I’m not a regular walker, but I do enjoy walking _________________________.

Writing Idea #3 –

I left the subway at the wrong stop and found myself ____________________.

I had to walk __________________ and act Nonchalant about ___________

______________________________. I  will/will not do that again.

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