July 10, 2023


 Theme – Playing

   ~Playing Games  ~  Playing House  ~  Playing cards  ~  Play in the fall leaves.

A playhouse brings magic to a child’s world.

Playgrounds are full of rules.

Playtime is the best.

You can play with all sorts of things.

Writing Idea #1 –

            What did you do during play time? We all need time to dissolve into play.

Writing Idea #2 –

            I spent a lot of time paying alone as a child.

            I remember playing ___________________________________________.

Writing Idea #3 –

            Playland can be just about anyplace you enjoy.

            Disneyland, the park, the backcountry, your backyard garden. Anywhere that brings you joy.

            I love playing in _______________________________________________.

Give yourself permission to play, keeping it in your work/life balance.

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