September 5, 2023


Avoiding - Week 36 

Avoiding is temporary. 

You spend a lot of energy and anxiety avoiding what you know you’re going to do.

Why do we avoid decisions, tasks, going to the dentist, doing your financial paperwork? So many ways to avoid life.

If you examine your avoidance, a clear pattern emerges. Anything is better than doing what you’re trying to avoid.

Although avoidance can be productive, it is not a reliable method to complete all your other tasks. Challenge your avoidance by letting go of it. Begin to unravel your structure of avoidance. Accept the times you need to do it and let the rest go.

Here’s some writing ideas to help you with avoidance.

Writing Idea #1 –

I tend to avoid ______________________________________________________.

That makes me _____________________________________________________.

Writing Idea #2 –

I’ll give myself permission to avoid _____________________________________

Because __________________________________________________________.

Writing Idea #3 –

I’d like to avoid _____________________________________________________

For the rest of my life.  It will __________________________________________.

Be sure to use your Journal. If you don't have one, create one using notebook paper and an inexpensive three-ring binder. Just be sure to write where you can refer back to what you wrote. You'll be surprised at the outcomes because of that.

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