March 20, 2021


Chamber Ambassadors

Make Notes and Use Your Journal

Jotting down notes, updates, ideas, comments, etc is the perfect content for your daily journal.  Journal writing isn’t just about a certain topic, business, or idea – it’s for what you need and want to remember.

This week I’m using this journal to make note of my work for the Cedar City Chamber of Commerce and the fun we have helping businesses in Iron County.  Two ribbon cuttings this week (or one ground breaking and a ribbon cutting) were wonderful.

Quick Quack Car Wash Ground Breaking

We welcomed the Car Wash Chain Quick Quack to our business community.  Located at the corner of “Quack and Jack” as one Ambassador put it, and across from Applebees’, we met some of the Executives, received information on their company and enjoyed the antics of their “Duck”. 

Based in Roseville, California, they have operations in Texas, Colorado, Arizona, California, and we’re the 33rd outlet in Utah and the first in Southern Utah.  Their mission is to be “Fast. Clean. Loved” and recycle 100% of the water used in each cleaning operation.  In addition, the company utilizaes biodegradable and non-toxic soaps and cleansers.  They were the first Sacramento car wash company to be certifies as a sustainable business.

Part of the construction has already begun, and their plans are to have a ribbon cutting in the fall.

Iron County Senior Center Ribbon Cutting

The Iron County Senior Center was officially reopened Saturday, March 20th – the first day of spring and good news for all seniors (including the knitters from Sagebrush Fiber Arts who meet there weekly).

A crowd of about 50 people came to see the “new and improved” Senior Center.  The addition of 5,000 sq. ft. a finished basement and an elevator makes for a wonderful, homey facility.

Commissioner Cozzens has been the Iron County Commissioner in charge of the project and explained how the Covid monies made available to the County were part of the funding package.  Senator Evan Vickers was introduced and the Cedar City Chamber Ambassadors provided the ribbon.

The head cook was introduced and cookies were provided to all.  Small groups were escorted through the facility after the ribbon cutting.  Congrats to all!

Tidbits from the News

From the RJ archives

On this day in 1946, readers of the Las Vegas Evening Review-Journal got their first taste of a hotel that sounds an awful lot like the Flamingo, the resort that's widely credited for shaping the Strip. "Construction of an elaborate, modern, 120 room resort hotel, to cost approximately $1,250,000, is under way on the Los Angeles highway, approximately two miles south of Las Vegas, it was announced this morning by Billy Wilkerson and associates, owners," we wrote. "The rooms are patterned after those in the Statler hotel in Washington, which is considered the last word in modern hotel construction. Beds will make up into davenports for day use, each room will be individually air-conditioned with guests able to regulate the temperature to suit." Plans call for a formal opening around Thanksgiving, we added. Wilkerson, founder of The Hollywood Reporter, started the Flamingo, which eventually opened on Dec. 26 that year. Wilkerson ran into massive cost overruns as a result of high wartime costs of materials, allowing Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel an opening to seize control of the resort.

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