#Journal Writing Matters

This Week's Writing Prompts

  •  My greatest talent is ______________________.  I learned it from _____________________________
  • In my business journey, I am most proud of ____________________________________
  •  My personal superpower is ______________________________ (describe in detail).

What are writing prompts? 

Writing prompts are story-starters that are used as a guided learning or creativity exercise to help writers get started with a new idea or story. 

Often used in an educational setting for students learning to practice writing specific genres, creative writing prompts are also used by advanced writers and authors who are experiencing writer’s block or are in need of inspiration. 

Writing prompts are designed to get people to think, by providing a starting place for a story premise or book idea, which can be further developed using the writer’s own imagination and creativity. 

Looking for specific prompts, need help, or have a question about using them? Please comment below and we'll respond quickly.