February 6, 2021

Journals or Diary

Diary or Journal

From Public to private writings, Journals have been in use since the 1600’s.

The Diary

Samuel Pepys is the earliest known diarest and is well known even today.  His diaries are preserved in Magdalene College, Cambridge, and were first transcribed and published in 1825.  Pepys’ was among the first who took the diary beyond mere business transactions and financial recordings.

The word “diary” comes from the Latin word dies meaning day.  The daily lives of writers were intended to be kept private, but those Journals that have survived provide valuable information and history from the Mormon Mission days of the 1800’s to the Victorian Era.

Thus, a diary is used to record the events of the day, and used daily.  A Journal is used to explore ideas as they develop.

The diary evolved from a fifteenth-century Italy where diaries were used for accounting.  Gradually, their use for recording public life came into vogue and Leonardo da Vinci fille 5,000 pages of Journals with invention, observations and sketches.

The Journal

Ernest Hemingway carried a notebook with him where ever he went.  And W. Somerset Maugham wrote how “keeping a notebook forced him to clarify his thoughts”.

#Journal Writing Matters, and no one was better proof of that than my Aunt Lulu.  A 2-time widow, she inherited a sizeable sum from each spouse.  She maintained a modest home, with one housekeeper/cook.  Her fine dresses were carefully laundered and her pillbox hats sat atop her pinned hair.  Everything had a place and stayed there.

Her “little black book” was a complete record of every penny she had in cash.  She would visit every year for our “Annual piece of candy”.  That wad the description in her Journal, next to our names, the date and amount.  One year I asked if I could have two pieces and she said “no, you got that last year.”  Sure enough, right there in her journal was the proof.

There are no restrictions on what to Journal, as there are no rules.  It’s your diary/journal and you have the choice to use it however you choose.  There are a number of specialty journals you might enjoy.  You’ll find a gratitude journal and a Business Journal available to download in My Shop. Later this month you’ll be able to choose from several hardcover versions.  And In March we’ll be offering “Becky’s Books”.   Do bookmark and visit often.  If you’re on the list you’ll get an email with a link to my latest post and merchandise.kk

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