January 30, 2021

Pandemic Journals

Write Your Pandemic Journals –

Where were you when the world stopped?

It’s been almost a year since the first orders to “stay home” became a way of life.  We had gone on a 3,500-mile trip from home to Texas, down to Tucson and then back home.  2+ weeks we spent on the road and news wasn’t important.  We were doing a family wedding the first half and then the Tucson Rock and Gem Show the second.

Little did we know that several the vendors from China had already been infected and were passing it on at the show.  Not the kind of “passing it on” I promote.  By the time we arrived home in mid-February, I had already contracted the disease.  I spent 10 days on steroids for my asthma and then another month without any taste, energy, or Dr. visit.  The local clinic had stopped in-person visits at that point and I didn’t have the capabilities to do zoom. My annual Dr. visit was cancelled and by April I was on the road to recovery.

The next 3 months were spent at home, going out only when necessary.  Most of the restaurants were closed except for drive-through services.  All our Rock Shows had been cancelled for the year and we were both in need of a road-trip.

As members of both the Cedar City and Las Vegas Rock Clubs Tracy was able to teach Silversmithing in their lapidary shops.  We started taking one weekend a month and going to Vegas.  I had one day all to myself to shop, write, walk, eat, whatever I wanted.  Tracy taught between 4 and 9 students a class and kept his spirits up.  We spent a couple of nights in Henderson and ate at Jason’s Deli, Olive Garden and Denny’s.  It was a nice diversion.

As it’s turned out, there are no rock shows in 2021, at least not until fall.  And Tracy will continue to teach one weekend a month in Henderson. 

For me, I’ve learned a ton of new IT since March 2020.  New software, new phone, updated websites, shopping carts, Zoom, etc.  Some days I wonder if I’ll ever “get it” but when I get notices that may page is ranking for #1 in that keyword it’s great. 

I’ve crawled out of my hole and gone back to the Chamber as an Ambassador.  I’m on the Board for the Friends at the Frontier Homestead Museum State Park and planning on a great activity for this summer, and still knitting.  That’s one present from the Pandemic – I get to visit the Independent Yarn Shops in Nevada.  ?

So where were we when the world stopped?  On the road; writing Travel Journals; visiting family and writing in my Family Journal; and attending trade shows and writing in my Business Journal.

What will I do in 2021?  Take each day as it comes and write in my Journals – one for each focus.  Are you writing in your journals?  Have you done a Pandemic Journal?  Tell me which ones and what in the comments.

Until next week -

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