January 24, 2021

Journal Writing

6 Tips For a Positive Journal Writing Habit

Journal writing is a habit you should enjoy. 

 Like any habit, doing it every day or week is what makes it a habit.  These 6 tips should help with your journey.

  1. I recommend you find 5 minutes every day, same time and place, to write.  What you write is not as important, at first, as when and doing it every day (weekly if that’s all the time you have).
  2. When you fill up a Journal Book, label the spine, give it a title and ending date.  Some give their books date ranges from xxx to xxx.
  3. When you go looking for a post you did it might help get you closer quicker.
  4. Writing is fun and you should enjoy it.  Remember, this about you – for you – not about grammar, spelling or penmanship.
  5. If you’re having trouble writing, don’t blame it on writers block and stop.  Choose to make it about your hobby, your travels, your pet, even your list of books.  Write about your life.  These writings are personal, not for others review, a grade or a submission.  You might even decide you want separate books for separate topics. It’s your habit, make it your own.
  6. If you think you don’t have anything interesting to write about, choose a writing prompt.  I post one daily to my Facebook Page.  Or purchase a list or book and follow it for a week, a month, or a year.  Then try it on your own.  Just write.
  7. If you keep a digital Journal on your phone, and enjoy keepsakes, take a picture of them and add them to your story.  It’s your story and you get to write it any way you please.

Remember to write. 

 That makes it a habit.  Even one Sentence. You can download my daily gratitude journal that holds one sentence every day. Just keep writing.

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