January 16, 2021

Journal Writing

Journal Challenge 2021

Do a separate Heritage Journal for Pandemic 2021

So many of us thought this Pandemic would be over, or at least on its’ way out, by the end of 2020.  Not so.  It’s not only still here, it’s still growing.  The number of fatalities continues to grow, the number of jobless continues to grow, the change in National Leadership may or may not make a difference.  And for us old folk, we wake each day thankful for another opportunity to “Pass It On”.

This month’s Journal Challenge is designed to encourage you to write about your year (2020) and how the Pandemic impacted the lives of you and your family.  Here’s some ideas.

  • Work Impacts
  • Children – playing with friends
  • Children – being with family members or not
  • Children – no school or remote school
  • Spouse – work and being with family
  • Church
  • Other family members

Did you and your get sick?

Did you lose anyone due to Covid-10?

Did you gain/lose weight due to the Pandemic?

Where are you now – living in the same place as January 2020?

What will you do now?  Are you working?  Tell the story of what you hope for in 2021 through your Journal.

As 2021 comes around, be sure to record the impacts and major events of your year.  It will be the Heritage Journal used to record history in 100 years.

Not Interested In Looking Back

If you’d like to record the events of 2020, start today and write one sentence for every day of this year.  Download my Gratitude Journal and print or use digitally.  Then record one sentence for the entire year.  You’ll be glad you did.

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