November 15, 2022

Gratitude Journal Magic

Gratitude Journals – Enjoy Their Magic

These days, it’s quite a challenge to feel grateful. Especially with the impacts to our world from Covid-19, supply chain issues, Putin’s War on Ukraine, and inflation.

There seems to be turmoil at every turn. Deadlines and red tape, annoying colleagues and bosses, and aggressive drivers infused with road rage. Ultimately, there are simply too many issues to deal with – where can we find some serenity?

By asking yourself this question – What is in my life, right now, that I’m Grateful for?

We know that expressing appreciation lifts our spirits and brings the magic back into our lives. Being grateful seems to bring relief and brightens our perception of the world. People seem friendlier, meetings and plans go more smoothly, and life seems to work again.

The key to enjoying the gratitude process is writing it in your journal. It can be a special journal or one you write in every day. Regardless, you need to create a habit of Gratitude.

Gratitude Journal

Typically, we start at Thanksgiving, being grateful. But like diets, by the time Christmas rolls around, it’s hard to stay focused on gratitude. Our new-found magic has faded, and daily writing habits seem to drift away.

Creating that daily habit, morning, or night, will help you find and keep your magic. Here’s a few ideas that might help –

  • If you’re a bedtime writer – fill in this sentence as often as possible, preferably every night.
  • Today I am Grateful for _______________________________________
  • Try subtraction  - what would your life be like without __________.
  • Start with weekly journaling times.
  • Enjoy the little things. Specifics are what make your gratitude journal unique and full of surprises.
  • Thank someone – send gratitude notes to tell them how much you appreciate them. Receiving a real card in the mail is still an absolute delight. Don’t ignore it’s impact.
  • Need a prompt?  Try one of these:

Who is someone who consistently makes your life easier?

How are the seasons or weather affecting your mood today?

Did you catch yourself smiling at anything or anyone today?

What habits or routines bring you joy?

There are many Gratitude Journals available to purchase. Some of you may want to record your journey digitally. Do what is most comfortable for you. Post two sentences on your phone calendar just before bed. Spend 5-10 minutes at the start or end of your day.

No matter how you journal, please do. Having a gratitude journal will change your expectations about yourself and others in our ever-increasing complex world.

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