December 4, 2022

Find Your Spirit

Find Your Spirit –

Do you remember a time of innocence? A time where you enjoyed everyone, looked for the good, and knew the world was a wonderful place?

Until it wasn’t.

Now you want to run a business, solve a problem, and provide hope. You need that youthful spirit for your customers, suppliers, and staff. Finding your spirit might take a little work, but it can be done.

How, you ask?

First - 

 you need to acknowledge the times when you just enjoyed the world. You didn’t have any judgments, biases, or fears. Those things came to play as someone in your life was afraid of your innocence and  started making you fearful of those controlling emotions. It isn’t your fault you became afraid of being left, or afraid your teacher wouldn’t help you anymore, or so many other fears.

What you didn’t know was they were afraid of your spirit. They had lost theirs and didn’t know how to find it again. They were afraid of what you might do and how that would reflect on them, not that your spirit was bad. But you were too small and innocent to understand that.

Second - 

you need to visualize your business and what you will provide. Start by using your Journal and answering these questions:

  • What does winning look like?
  • How does it feel?
  • Where is your business and what makes it special?

Use lots of descriptive words to identify the place. Is it online or on premise? Is it inviting? Does it reflect your spirit? Design your “happy place” and date when it will look like that.

Now write about you.

  • What does your role look and feel like?
  • Are you there every day?
  • Are you the face in front of the camera or behind the lens being sure it is focused on the right spirits? Your Spirits.
  • How will your company represent your joy and the goods or services you offer?
  • How will it look and feel when people are there?
  • When you’re online, does it feel the same? If not, how can you make it feel the same?

Your spirit isn’t behind you, you haven’t lost it. It is ahead of you – waiting for you on your new path.

Entrepreneurship winds around corners – It

  • Is a path of surprises
  • Is a path of constant engagement
  • Is truly a path of life
  • Is the power to mold and create ourselves.

It is the freedom to become what we truly are!

Write your way to success. Choose the path your spirit calls you to follow. Find that positive, hopeful, spirited person you were convinced to leave behind. Write about what it felt to be spirited and discover that person still inside you.

To be spirit-full is to be in touch with your soul. Because there, in our spirit, is where meaning – caring - lies.

Here’s to a wonderful 2023 – full of your spirit.

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