December 20, 2022


Prompts -

Merry Christmas!  Journal writing every day can be challenging for those without a focus or being so focused another subject doesn't seem to come to mind.  Writing prompts can help you overcome that challenge.  Pick one of those listed and write it in your journal.  Then think about it for awhile and then start writing.  You'll be surprised at what surfaces from your memories, problem solving, and/or just life.

Business Owners Prompts -

  • Did I plan early enough for this year's season?
  • What was great and what wasn't?
  • Did my customers have requests I couldn't fulfill?
  • Have I started planning for the 1st quarter of 2023?

K-12 Writers Prompts -

  • My favorite Christmas books are -
  • My favorite Christmas movie is -
  • What is on your Christmas wish list?  
  • Write a story about finding the abominable snowman in your family's kitchen making a cup of hot chocolate.

Anyone's Prompts -

  • All I want for Christmas is -
  • My favorite gift I've ever received is ----- because -----.
  • I wish I could travel to ----- for Christmas.
  • Write a Christmas story about candy canes, elves, and a gingerbread man.

Have a favorite Christmas writing prompt for work or life?  Leave it in the comment section.  And happy holidays. See you in 2023.

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