December 25, 2022

Pass It On

Pass It On

Three little words that can impact someone’s life in profound ways

Whether it is donating clothes to a non-profit thrift store or paying it forward, this time of year is perfect for teaching your children the power of generosity.

After Christmas most children have toys, books, and clothing they no longer play with, read or have outgrown. Having a “Pass It On” Day is the perfect way to teach them.

Each child identifies the items they no longer need or no longer play with.  They replace those items they don’t need or want with the ones they received for Christmas, and it’s their choice.  They learn to make choices and they begin to recognize not everyone has as much as they do.

Each item goes into a bag and they can choose the place to receive them – Deseret Industries, a local thrift shop, a local church, etc. Some of us just can’t make choices. One way to help them understand how to choose, take them into your closet and choose a few of your pieces that can be given away.  Talk about why you chose that item and how you hope someone else can benefit. Then take them back to their closet to choose one item. Let them place it in the bag.

Don’t forget to look through your own belongings.  When the kids aren’t around, look for items in your office, your business, your kitchen,  put them in a place you can talk about how you should “pass it on” and then ask your child to put it into the bag for you.

Celebrate the New Year with simplifying your life and sharing your wealth.

If your focus is your business, look for areas where you need space to move, work or store items. 

  • What display items have you quit using?
  • Are your store colors still viable or should you change them out?
  • What new displays are you planning and which will be rotated out?
  • What will you do with the items you no longer need?

Passing It On 

Passing it on can be as simple as an Ice Cream Cone. Last month I was in the Drive Thru line at the local Artic Circle (AC). When I got to the window I was presented an Ice Cream Cone which I had not ordered. The owner let me know it was from the lady who was in line in front of us and she had passed it on. I was surprised and grateful and reminded of the need to “pass it on” everyday and in many ways.

The other day we stopped at AC for our treat and we bought an extra cone for the owner to pass on. Hopefully the recipient was pleasantly surprised. Maybe it was you!

Hoping your 2023 will be full of “pass it on” opportunities whether you’re the giver or receiver.

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