August 27, 2023


 Raging - Week 34

Raging is releasing repressed anger.  There are good and bad ways to rage. And if you are angry at something greater than yourself, you might consider raging at it, but not people.

Bad rage is targeting someone with your rage, as in road rage. It is your rage and negatively impacting someone else’s life is not good raging.

Good raging can come in many ways. As a single parent, I felt rage at lots of things our of my control. But I was raised to set the example, and raging wasn’t ladylike and therefore was not acceptable behavior.

As I look back at my girls’ dad, his drug addiction and alcoholism after Vietnam was his way of raging.

And little did I realize until now that raging is connected to forgiveness.

Writing Idea #1 –

I use rage to _______________________________. 

I don’t use rage to ___________________________________. But _________________________________________________________.

Writing Idea #2 –

I ___________________________________ about my rage. It started because ________________________ and I finished it by ___________________________.

My rage was mostly about how I was treated by others. I guess I didn’t deserve more because –

  • I knew God was punishing me but I didn’t know why.
  • I was a “hot mess” and didn’t deserve what I needed and wanted.

Writing Idea # 3 -

I learned from many mentors, to forgive myself and all those others. The past was the past and in order to forgive them, I had to forgive myself.

I need to forgive myself for _______________________________________

Because ______________________________________________________.

Give yourself permission to use rage for self-healing and to overcome your fears.

Be careful not to rage at others unless they are the true source of your fear and injustice. Then be sure it is verbal rage not physical, and not abusive. Just the facts and how they made you feel, because we may not remember what someone does to or for us, but we always remember how they made us feel.

Until Next Week - - -

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