August 14, 2023


Week 33 – Stretching

This is a great word for me as I turned the clock on another year.

We’re thinking about the coming years and realizing we need a new challenge.

Not sure what that will be but jostling us out of our routine will be good. Stretching our brains, our bodies, and asking questions might result in a few minor changes or big changes. In the meantime, we hope you’re doing the same.

What are you stretching?

Writing Idea #1 –

Stretching brings in new energy.

What will you stretch?

Writing Idea #2 –

Stretching your boundaries?

Boundaries are not walls, but guidelines, and we can study them and learn how to redraw them.

What boundary should you redraw today?

Writing Idea #3 –

Stretching Yourself –

Our capacities are greater than we imagine.

Describe your best self.

Give yourself permission to redraw a boundary, stretching yourself.

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