August 8, 2023


Week 32 – Surprising

Our theme for this week is about surprises – using your imagination, Horoscopes and/or Fortune Cookies.

Or how about Surprising?

Surprising – Others is a particularly rich joy. Or those you do not know is a special gift.

The whole world awaits your surprise!

Be relentless in your pursuit of surprises!

Writing Idea #1 –

I am surprised by ________________________________________.

What surprises you?

Writing Idea #2 – 

Live your dream.

Surprise us by sharing it here.

Writing Idea #3 –

I’d like to ______________________________________________.

Maybe you’ll pay a parking meter that isn’t yours.

Buy the person behind me in line an ice cream cone.

Tell someone I know how nice they look.

Put a dollar bill in a tree knot hole with a note – Wow! Money grows on trees.

Make it fun! - Make it memorable!

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