April 24, 2023

Gratitude Journal Magic

Week 17

Theme – Journaling

          Your Life Is A Book – Write it any way you want.

Whether you share it or not - #Write To Your Success!

Let all those ideas, concerns, and feelings out!

Writing Idea #1 – This week I feel light-hearted/dark minded because ________________________________________________________________.

          Think about inspiration, gratitude, rage, tears, boredom or chaos.

Include bits of color for the light side, fall leaves, photos, clippings from other printings, etc., anything that inspires you.

Writing Idea #2 – My Journal Can Be or Is My Friend.

          I can tell it anything without fear of repercussions, hate or envy. It also cheers me on when I share my hopes and dreams.

          Take the time to write to your Journal on a regular basis.

Writie Idea #3 – Journals love to travel. Let it lead the way.

          When you travel don’t feel you have to write everything in it. Just write about what inspired you, cheered you on to adventures, or brought you solitude.

          When you’re home, read back through it. You’ll remember your adventure in a whole new way.

Give yourself permission to Journal.  #Write to your success.

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