May 1, 2023

Believing Journal

Week 18

Theme – Believing

Believe in everything until you find out otherwise.

It matters what you believe. There are so many ways to disbelieve, focus on believing.  Magic is believable, and is more ordinary than we think.

Writing Idea #1 – 

What magic happening have you experienced?

Write about it as a short story for your best friend.

Writing Idea #2 –

Believe in Yourself!  You are never alone.

Write me a note about yourself and how capable you are of writing to your success .

Writing Idea #3 – 

Believe in Goodness. Goodness is all around us, all the time. When there is pain, horror, neglect, or evil it is hard to believe.

-Write about your beliefs.

- Focus on being grateful – for what and why

Miracles happen daily and they multiply when shared. Share your Miracle. Give Yourself Permission to Believe.  

#Write to Your Success

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