May 9, 2023

Color Prompts

Week 19 Writing Prompts

Theme – Painting & Colors

May begins and so do the flowers bloom with the birth flower of the Lily of the Valley.

May baskets are a historic tradition. People would fill paper baskets with treats and flowers. Then, they’d knock on the recipients door and yell “May Basket” and run away. If they go caught, the gifter owed the giftee a kiss.

Writing Idea #1

 I’d like a May Basket from _______________________.

Writing Idea #2

 Write about the flowers in your basket (even if it’s in your imagination)  What color are they and how do they smell? Who would you like to give flowers to?  Why?

Writing Idea #3

 Imaging you are walking on the Yellow Brick Road. You come to the fork.  What color are the forks? Where will they take you? Which will you choose?

Sometimes we write about things and feelings we really don’t want to share. That’s okay. But giving yourself permission to write those things is what matters. #Journal Writing Matters.

If you don’t want anyone to read your journals, put them in a place they’re not likely to be found. Some writers don’t want anyone to find what they write until they’re gone. I had a client who wrote on notebook paper, then folded and mailed them to their best friend who never opened them until they were found after their death.

Better yet – write from your heart, paint your world whatever color you choose, and express your gratitude for each day of it. It slips by quicker than you think.

#Write To Your Success

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