May 14, 2023


Week 20

Theme – Shouting

We are taught to “keep it down” or “no shouting, it’s not lady like”. Yet in today’s world, shouting is everyday (it seems). The volume of life is almost full blast and people from urban areas seek the silence of rural life, only to feel safer in the cacophony of downtown traffic.

Yet, shouting can be a stress relief.

Writing Idea #1

Write about how you shout.

I shout when I’m ___________________________________________.

I shout at ___________________________________ when I’m alone.

I’d like to have a soundproof room so I could shout at ________________/

Writing Idea #2

Shout Silently

Silent shouting can relieve stress.  Imagine yourself shouting at someone or something.

Write about it!    Who – Where – Why

One of the benefits of silent shouting and writing about it is you don’t say things you’ll be sorry for. 

Writing Idea #3

I don’t care and you can’t make me.

Shout this – loud or silent.  Then write why you don’t care and who can’t make you do anything and what it is. You will be amazed how this helps with your stress level.

Learning to shout an be done a number of ways. I’ve done mine on paper. I write why I’m angry, tired, upset, etc. Then I tear it up and throw it out.

And remember – you can shout about the positive things in your life.

          Shout for Joy – Shout for Love – Shout for Ecstasy

But give yourself permission to shout!

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