May 23, 2023


Theme – Forgiveness

Many years ago I read a phrase that changed my life.

“You can’t truly forgive others until you forgive yourself, first.”

I thought about that a lot, and I wrote about it many times. I thought about the anger and resentment I felt because of a dysfunctional mother. The lack of guidance and support in my growing-up years. And the envy I had been taught instead of love and acceptance. I wrote about this from many angles, researched my mother’s family life, my father’s family life, and was the recipient of much support and advice from a variety of women (and men).  All who had their own experiences and never hesitated to “Pass On” what they learned and how they learned to cope and grow. It became, and still is, my passion and my “Why”, to “Pass It On”.

While writing about all this over the years, I realized it boiled down to this one question and your first writing idea for this week.

Writing Idea #1 –

What do I need to forgive myself for?

Is there something you’ve done to someone you’re not particularly proud of?

Have you fostered hate or envy?

Writing Idea #2 –

Be the kind parent to yourself.

Talk to yourself – write to yourself.

Practice with small things – write “I Forgive Me” for:

  • Making the family irritable for attention getting behavior
  • Being difficult because _____________
  • Not seeking help from others when _______________.

Whatever you have on your mind and conscious, write about it.

Writing Idea #3 –

Forgiveness takes practice. Create a focus on forgiveness for one person or one behavior.

Write in your journal about that person or behavior. Forgive them everytime you think of them.

Your process of forgiveness is unique to you.

Give Yourself Permission To Forgive.

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