May 27, 2023


Theme – Tourism/Travel

Memorial Day Weekend is the start of travel across the country. Here in the Beehive state, and everywhere else that depends on tourism, it’s only fitting to focus on travel and tourism writing prompts.

If you are the traveler this weekend, do take your travel journal with you and record the excellent service you received or the great family events you enjoyed. Remember, Memorial Day was created to set aside time to reflect and show respect for those who died serving our Country (USA) in the military.  They gave it all!

Writing Idea #1 –

Who in your family do you honor this weekend?

It seems we now have a federal holiday of the month. This puts millions of vacationers out trying to have a positive experience when every room is booked, every flight is jammed, and every trail is overwhelmed with visitors.

If I was in charge, I would change the system.

Writing Idea #2 –

Write how you’d change the system and allow employees to choose their holiday weekend.

Many of our guests have different feelings about travel.

Writing Idea #3 –

I __________ to travel. If I could go anywhere, I would visit ________________.

Here’s hoping your holiday was safe, fun, relaxing, or restful. Until next week - - -

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