June 5, 2023


Theme – Enjoying

Joy is the natural result of enjoying, and there is plenty to enjoy in this world. Whether it’s the beauty of nature, the beauty of our family and friends or ourselves.

Writing Idea #1 –

When and where do you enjoy yourself?

Think about people and places you enjoy being with and/or at. Describe your joy.

Writing Idea #2 –

Enjoying Others – it’s a special blessing.

We are surrounded by others every day. We choose to enjoy them or not. Who do you enjoy having in your life?

Writing Idea #3 –

Enjoying Nature – it stands waiting to be enjoyed.

How much time do you spend enjoying the flowers and trees around you?

How can you increase and/or improve your time enjoying the flowers and trees?

Where in nature would you like to experience but haven’t yet done it? When will you?

Give yourself permission to enjoy.

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