June 13, 2023


Week 24

Theme – You

Setting goals and tracking your progress is not just for solopreneurs, it will help everyone in their journey and adventures. Whether you run a large corporation, or your home and family, set goals each year so you can track your progress. The successes you achieve will inspire you to create new goals and benchmarks for yourself and your life.

Here’s a starting point.  Answer these questions and record your answers in your journal. It doesn’t have to be in a business journal, just a plain composition book from Walmart at 99 cents is perfect.

First –

Where Am I Today?

Either physically or mentally, describe your surroundings.  The location, weather, scenery, temperature, flowers, trees, etc.  draw a picture in words. 

Second –

How Am I Today?

Write about your mental, physical, or social status – or all three. 

What weighs heaviest on your mind?

What keeps you awake at night?

Third –

Are My Goals the Same? 

Review your previous goals and evaluate your progress.  Regardless of whether they are personal or professional goals, or both, evaluate if you still want the same outcomes, and in the same time frame.

Remember to make them SMART Goals. Learn more about creating goals.

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